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The Roc Hard Vette Club & Classics (RHVCC) was established in 2018. We began with just 5 members and we've now grown to 21 loyal members. All of our members are hard working and devout to the Rochester, NY community. Our aspirations are to serve the communities in and around the city of Rochester, New York in all capacities.  

Membership to join our club is not just limited to owning a Corvette, we have expanded our club's membership to owning a "classic" car of any make (Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, ect.) A classic car would be considered any vehicle 25 years old from 2020. To join our club, there is a one-time payment due every April 1st to cover dues. The collection and management of dues are handled by our own club treasurer, Van Burke.

RHVCC will take on the 501(c)(3) nonprofit tag in 2021. We are excited to become a charitable organization and to give back to our community. As our membership grows, we will also grow as community activists. We are committed to making a change in the city of Rochester, NY and surrounding communities. RHVCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, ability, sexual orientation, gender, or religion. We love everyone! 

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